House Santis

Population: 28

Victory – Helped king of the Reach put down rebellion.
Treachery – Burned down temple of the old god
Favor – Became home of god
Favor – Lord of House is First Hand of King

Plains Hamlet Coast 18
Hall 20

First born John 20
Second Son Chris 10
First Daughter 10

Elite Guard 13
Trained Crusaders 7
Elite Special (missionary assassins) 11
Green Garrison 3

Silver and Orange
Sword point downward into the field in front of a rising sun.
“Strike at dusk, pray at Dawn”

Lord/Hand of the King Argo Santi deeply religious and aware of his immense influence
Lives the royal city. has a mustache that he waxes. Dapper Dan. 52

Malta Santi daughter of a fallen house.Family and frustrated that Argo is not. She brought some of her family with her.

First born son John. 29. Was a member of the paladin. Served for 15 years. Is stern and
John’s Wife. Margo Bosch
Second born son Chris
First born Daughter Chanda (member of the church)
Venerable and beloved Septon Austin
Third Son no status. Mateo Santi age 5 can talk to animals and dreams of being a paladin.
Head of Personal Guard Damian Sarafino
Steward Georgia Azar sister of Malta very passive aggresive.
Georgia’s Son, Nadir Azar age 16 wants to strike out on his own but needs to marry. Green and black. horizontal stripes with hunting fox.

House Santis

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