House Lurak

Defense 27
Influence 35
Lands 38
Law 24
Population 17
Power 20
Wealth 36

event 4
Ascent Former peasant Whalers, we acquired enough wealth to be married into nobility
Scandal Our lady is revealed to have been a woman of the night. Of ill repute
Infrastructure we rebuilt our reputation and wealth
Scandal We hired pirates to attack and damage the industry of other houses… and we were caught

8 Plains – Coast
28 Plains – Coast, Small Town (Boneshore Hall)

20 – Heir John’s character

10 Trained Warships
6 Green Cavalry
4 Green Archers

10 Port
15 Whaling Guild
10 Maester

Mermaid with Harpoon on a blue invected field with Gold sky
“The Sea Provides”

Lord Duran Lurak – Compentant whale of a man. Not evil Kingpin (from spiderman)
Lady Madeline Saymyr-Lurak- Skinny Red head who needs to be taken care of
Maester – 35 Martin – Hates the climate, and hates the sea.
First born heir and youngest child (John)
3 older Daughters – Margo , Megan, Lilith
Fleet Admiral Drogan Bosch – Disciplinarian. Ex privateer. Gets the job done.
Significant Whaling Captain (Chris)
Guild Master Oliyander Frump – paper pusher.
Guildsman (Austin)
Ser Ulrich Stormcrow Leader of troops – religious
Steward – Jareth Montmore – competant steward and spy master informant to Lord Lurak.

House Lurak

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