House Krent

The ancient house of Krent has guarded the mountainous eastern pass into the Khan lands for 1000 years. Many kings that have ruled the land in that time and the Krent name has held the title of Warden of the East through all of them. Their people are stalwart, stong as the mountain and fearsome in battle. Their land meager but stong, they have a strong militaristic lifestyle. Raising cattle and wheat from the northern valley and fishing villages along the cold coast provide the food for the many soldiers the Krent have had in their service. Until, that is, the Long Winter and the rebellious Winter War. Horren Krent, Warden of the East, waged a terrible war outside of his walls against the western kingdoms. The Long Winter had taken it’s toll on his mountain home and rather than see his people starve, he lead his entire army (save for a single garrison and company of infantry) out west to lay waste to the meager holdings of the former lords who lived there. He found little food and initially little resistance. The weather, starvation and lack of experience fighting on open snowy plains eventually caused him to lose his war. The result was a land empty of all it’s great soldiers, with Horren Krent slain in battle. Now the Krent name is shamed. Though it still keeps it’s name and holdings, it has lost it’s title has Warden of the West and gained the stigma of being traitorous warmongers. The Winter War left the Krent lands unguarded from the barbaric hordes of the east, and they are ravaged and lawless. The Castle Cloudstone is the only safe haven from brigands and wildlings in a torn and shattered land. Although a new royal family has risen, they have not granted the Krents their rightful title. Restoring honor, discipline, and law is the declared task of the house’s new lord, Joss Krent. A man of 17 years and son of Horren Krent, he leads a house of mixed opinion. With Krent in such a shrunken state, the banner house of Voren, while still under heel, has gained favor with the courts. Their lands, influence, and wealth now rival House Krent. There is still tension between them. Tradition fights with pragmatism on how best to lead the Krent house. Spring has arrived and much work is to be done.

House Statistics

People of House Krent
Lord Joss Krent
Age 17
Joss is the young and ambitious new lord of the house. While his father could be described as a warmonger, Joss is more concerned with securing his homeland and restoring his family’s claim at court. His decisions have caused tension with the older members of the family who were so loyal to Horren. But most in the house are hopeful and encouraging of the new lord. Joss himself isn’t afraid of

Lady Lorraine Krent
Age 56
Widow of Horren Krent and mother of Joss

PC – Played by Austin

Master Ranger
Mern Krent
Age 29
Youngest Brother of Horren Krent

Marc Devish
Age 43

More to be added.

House Krent

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